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The following Marina Rules for Main Harbor (the “Marina”) have been adopted in order to provide a safe and inviting Marina for our patrons. These Rules, which are also posted on the Marina website, are expressly made part of Main Harbor Development, LLC’s (“Owner”)  Boat Slip Rental Agreement (“Rental Agreement”). Slip Holders, any member of his/her family, any of his/her employees, licensees, agents, contractors, and guests (“Slip Holder’s Agents”) expressly agree to comply with these Rules at all times. The Marina maintains the right from time to time to change or add Rules for the safety, care and cleanliness of the Marina or for the preservation of good order and, upon posting such amendments and additions on the website, they shall become part of each Rental Agreement and supersede all previous versions. Slip Holder agrees to comply, and to cause Slip Holder’s agents to comply, with all Marina Rules and Regulations.

1.         Docking, mooring, or otherwise securing of any and all vessels in the Marina or to any portion of the docks for the purpose of remaining overnight is permitted only pursuant to a valid Rental Agreement.

2.         Vessel length includes all additions, such as bowsprits, swim platforms, anchors, etc. For safety and fairness, no part of the boat may extend beyond the length of the slip. Owner or its agents  may measure boats after occupancy. Boats deemed by the Marina to extend beyond acceptable slip limits will be reassigned to a proper size slip, with Slip Holder being responsible for the difference in slip fee.

3.         No part of the boat may extend over the dock walkway. Owner reserves the right to move and retie any boat in a way deemed unacceptable by Owner for Marina safety.

4.         Boat washing is permitted using only approved biodegradable soaps and cleaners. Slip Holder is responsible to comply with any and all applicable local, state, and federal laws regarding the use of chemicals.

5.         Power Tools are not permitted to use on the docks or exterior of any vessel. Special exception may be requested from Owner subject to review each request on a case-by-case basis. The decision of Owner shall be final. Painting, to include varnish, conditioning oil, and solvent is not permitted. Repairs maintenance and other activities that produce debris (e.g., paint chips, sawdust, filings, etc.) are not permitted.

6.         Boat lifts may be permitted on a case-by-case basis and must be requested in writing by Slip Holder. Owner reserves the right to deny installation of lift or require the Slip Holder to choose a lift or air pump model from an approved vendor. Lifts must be installed by an approved contractor with a commercial permit to operate at the Marina.

7.         Charcoal and Gas cooking is not permitted on the docks or on the exterior of any vessel in or attached to the Marina.

8.         Transferring of fuel shall only take place at the fuel dock within the defined areas for fueling of vessels. Gas in portable containers will not be permitted to be transported or stored along the docks or on Marina property.

9.         Used motor oil, antifreeze, fuel, and batteries must be properly disposed of by Slip Holder. Dumping of these items into the water or anywhere on Marina property will not only be grounds for Lease termination but possible governmental fines could be accessed and levied as allowed by law.

10.       No discharges are permitted within the Marina. Sewage, treated or untreated, must go to an onboard holding tank and discharged at the provided septic pumpout station. Bilges must be kept free of any contaminates (e.g., oil, fuel, antifreeze, etc.) A discharge is defined as any spilling, leaking, pumping, pouring, emitting, emptying, or dumping as per US Code Title 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters. Y-valves should be in the “closed” or “holding tank” position and locked at all times while boating in Marina waters.

11.       Loud noises such as hailers, horns, loud music, or unnecessarily loud revving of engines will not be permitted. The Marina has designated the period between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. as “quite hours”. Dock parties, music, etc., that can be heard more than two slips away will be considered too loud and will not be permitted during “quite hours”.

12.       No swimming within the Marina will be permitted.

13.       No fishing within the Marina from the docks or other Marina structure will be permitted. This especially applies to any jigs, lines, or bait traps which will not be permitted to be attached to the Marina structure. If found, they will be removed for the safety of Marina workers who may have to enter the water to perform repairs and maintenance on the dock structure and/or utility connections.

14.       No fish cleaning will be performed within the Marina, docks, or structures except as provided in a designated fish cleaning area as may be available.

15.       Pets are allowed with the condition that they are appropriately licensed and vaccinated and are kept on a short leash at all times while on the docks or on Marina property. Slip Holder is responsible for his/her pets’ actions and will be held responsible for any damage or injury liability caused by the pet. Pets, with the exception of permitted service animals, are not allowed in the restaurant or ship store at any time.  Pets are to be exercised only in designated areas and all pet waste is to be sanitarily cleaned up and disposed of in the provided containers. Abuse of this privilege may result in lease termination.

16.       Water is supplied as part of the lease rate; however, freezing conditions dictate that the water supply to the docks be turned off and purged during the winter season.  Slip Holders understand and agree that there is no obligation on the part of the Marina to supply water during this period. Water will be turned on as soon as weather permits in the spring season.

17.       The unattended use of “space heaters” is not permitted. Certain “boat safe” engine compartment heaters may be used, however. Vessels found operating unattended space heaters or other unsafe heating devices will be immediately disconnected from shore power. At no time are kerosene or propane space heaters to be operated in the Marina.

18.       No roller skating/blading, skateboarding, scooter riding, bicycling, or motorcycling is permitted on the docks.

19.       No signs, banners, flags or similar displays of any kind that contain obscene or offensive language, images or symbols will be allowed on piers or on vessels moored at any Main Harbor piers, while operating in Main Harbor, or otherwise located on the grounds of Main Harbor Marina. Violation will result in immediate termination of the offender’s slip rental agreement and expulsion from the premises.

20.       Other rules, as required, may from time to time be incorporated in this document and shall be considered in full force and effect at time of incorporation.

21.       No unaccompanied guests allowed on marina property.








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